The Helmand Sistan Project
Key Sites

Qala 350A

Latitude: 30.903328   Longitude: 62.032986
Enlarged satellite view

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Of the 20 sites we identified as dating to the Early Iron Age, Qala 350A is by far the largest and most impressive. Most of the sites of that date are built on a large platform with a walled lower compound to the southeast, as we first defined at Qala 169. The Qala 350A rectangular platform is the largest (45 x 100 m) and featured walled compounds on both the north and south sides. The collection of ceramics is largely from the Early Iron Age, including a large number of painted sherds. Two imported pieces of polished Iron Age grayware pottery were also found here. The site was reused in Parthian and Sasanian times, and the north lower compound may date from that time.

Atop the pakhsa platform of Qala 350A viewing the compound to the north of the main mound.