The Helmand Sistan Project


amir ruler
barchan crescent-shaped sand dune
burj tower
chartaq 4-piered building
dagal gardi looters
dasht flat plain covered with stone
hammam bathhouse
hamun lake
imam Islamic holy man
iwan room open at one end
jui canal
Kufic elaborate Islamic form of writing
madrassa Islamic religious school
malik ruler/king
mastaba platform building
mihrab central worship spot of a mosque
minbar raised platform for prayer in a mosque
ostraca inscribed potsherds
pakhsa packed mud
qala fortress
qibla main focus area of a mosque
rustaq rural estate
stupa round Buddhist structure
tamga identifying mark on a ceramic piece
tandur oven
tepe mounded site
yardang wind-eroded pillar of soil
ziyarat Islamic pilgrimage site