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Latitude: 30.285175   Longitude: 61.540289
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Trakhun is one of the best known and most visible sites in Sistan. A high-walled fortress situated atop a 30 m high triangular rock formation over 100 m on each side in the center of the Rud-i Biyaban, it was noted by numerous ancient and modern visitors prior to our brief sojourn there in 1975. Legend claims Trakhun as the birthplace of the Persian mythical hero Rustam and the location of a famous Zoroastrian fire temple. The most detailed description of the place is from G.P. Tate of the 19th century Afghan Boundary Commission. With the previous attention it had received, we visited the site only briefly. We believe the current structures date to recent centuries because of their appearance, their preservation, and from the written records we have of the site. It is highly likely that Trakhun was inhabited in previous eras too, though we found no objects that predate Timurid times. We identified a highly decorated public hall at the northwestern edge of the site, a hammam on the south side, and remains of a large constructed well similar to one known from Qala-i Bist, all mentioned by previous visitors.

The imposing fortress of Trakhun in the center of the Rud-i Biyaban.
The large mudbrick well dug inside the walls of Trakhun.