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Qala-i Nau

Gazetteer ID: 871
Latitude: 30.93036067   Longitude: 62.13708568
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This imposing fortress, also known as Chakansurak and Noken Qala, is at the northern edge of Sar-o-Tar outside the sand dune fields. It was extensively documented by previous researchers so warranted only a brief visit by HSP. While the well-preserved, decorated mudbrick walls are probably from Ghaznavid-Ghorid times, they sit atop an earlier fortress from the Partho-Sasanian periods, given the extensive ceramic scatter from that earlier time found inside the ruins and in the vicinity

The well-preserved fortress of Qala-i Nau, or Chakansurak, is located at the northern edge of Sar-o-Tar and likely dates to the 10th-11th century CE. A large tower is at one end. The raised base of the walls suggests a previous fortress beneath the visible one, supported by our discovery of Parthian and Sasanian ceramics scattered throughout the site.