The Helmand Sistan Project
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Qala-i Surkh North

Gazetteer ID: 883
Latitude: 30.93627561   Longitude: 62.19821196
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Also called Sohren Qala, it is a very well preserved two-story fortress at the northeastern end of the Sar-o-Tar Plain leading to the main trade route to the east through the Dasht-i Margo desert. Approximately 35 x 35 m in size, it has 8 m high walls, corner towers, and towers at the center of each side. The site was bordered by a heavily eroded compound wall, possibly as protection against flooding in this low-lying area. A single row of rooms surrounds an interior courtyard on both floors. Originally built in the Sasanian era, as evidenced by architectural similarities to other qalas we found, it was remodeled in Timurid times.

The well-preserved Qala-i Surkh North site stands two stories high on the eastern edge of the Sar-o-Tar Plain.