The Helmand Sistan Project

Unusual Objects

Unique items included a miniature ceramic tower from the Qala 4 area and the base of some other statue excavated from Lat Qala. Several steatite dice were found, including one from Qala 352. Outstanding was a delicate marble portrait of two young men. Unfortunately this was brought to us by one of the workmen rather than being found by the project, so we don’t know its original context nor can we confirm that it was found locally.

A miniature ceramic tower found on the ground near Qala 4 and assumed to be of Partho-Sasanian date. Each side of the 8 cm high piece has a different decoration on it.
The square base and feet of a sculptural object was found in the Parthian levels in the excavation at Lat Qala. No objects nearby matched the base.
Several steatite dice were found during the course of the project, including this one from Qala 352 in Sar-o-Tar.
One of the most beautiful artistic pieces collected by the project was unfortunately brought to us by a local workman, so we do not know its original source. We assume it comes from the local area and was found by artifact hunters after winter rains. Parallels to the delicate marble portrait of two young men is being researched.