The Helmand Sistan Project

Glass Vessels

We are only at the beginning of our study of the glass objects from the project. Few were found intact in the field, but many sites contained numerous small fragments in various designs and colors. In addition to making vessels of glass, it was common to use glass for making decorative bangles.

One of the few intact glass vessels, this mottled turquoise juglet was in the bottom level of the excavation of a room of the Lower Palace at Shahr-i Gholghola, suggesting an 11th century date.
This neck and rim of a clear broken bottle was found at Shahr-i Gholghola.
Most glass finds were fragmentary, such as these found at Shahr-i Gholghola in 1974.
This small green glass vessel was found on the ground in Sar-o-Tar in 1972. The glass shows numerous bubbles and other imperfections.